E-MAPS is a small business that specializes in helping users of information technology to create needed operational capabilities. Because we are small, we can adjust our business processes in near real-time to capitalize on opportunities, minimize threats, and maximize corporate performance.

Company History 

E-MAPS has over a decade of experience working with varied clients - government and business, domestic and foreign - helping them save money, improve workflow, create professional reports, and develop new products and services. E-MAPS began business in 1992 maintaining a geographic information database for the Department of Defense. That service evolved into providing on-site environmental support on Base Closure (BRAC) sites. In 1996, E-MAPS began assisting companies to use geographical information as a tool for visual data analysis. Currently, we help organizations to better manage and exploit information for enhanced planning and decision-making with a concentration on the DoD transformation effort


E-MAPS believes the key to exploiting "new technology" is understanding "cultural change" and its impact on the work processes within organizations. Change does not occur with the purchase of hardware and software, but rather when the capabilities of those new assets are fully integrated into the organization's operations to increase output. Since these changes are evolutionary and all hardware and software will soon become obsolete, E-MAPS focuses on developing an overall "open" system of procedures which can utilize whatever hardware and software configurations become the new standard. We stress "define a little, build a little, test a little" to determine the best products to perform a task efficiently.

E-MAPS focuses on information, not products. E-MAPS feels that quality and timely information, not hardware and software, provided to decision-makers leads to sound solutions.
E-MAPS uses a scientific approach - we study, document our insights and share them with our clients. Others may claim to do this, but it is our experience that they do not produce useful documents, they produce only those required for a technical requirement as per the Statement of Work.
E-MAPS believes a vigorous literature search is essential to gain a better understanding of basic principles and issues of information technology; we are able to clarify and define complex issues and recommend sound solutions for decision-makers.
E-MAPS is very knowledgeable of the Military Knowledge Management System (i.e., Doctrinal Publications), its organization, use and purpose. E-MAPS can rapidly correlate this system and its use to concepts and terms now in use with broad computer systems such as taxonomy, ontology and their use in operational systems development.